We live in a world where creating an easily comprehensible brand for yourself is important, but I cannot be confined into one or even a few categories. Stereotypes play a huge part in our own internal measures of self-worth and confidence within our professional and personal lives.

If you are an artist you must be a deep free spirit. If you are an entrepreneur you must be dabbling in tons of ideas; constantly challenging things and making commotion. If you are an engineer or computer scientist you must always come across as very smart and calculated, knowing all the tech lingo. If you are climbing the corporate ladder you must be political and always have something intelligent to say at the right time. If you’re a fitness professional you must be upbeat and in great shape. 


In many professions today, there is a common misconception that in order to be successful you have to be all in and focused on your one dimension, all the time. Many people have other unrelated hobbies, but those hobbies fall by the wayside when there is a conflict. If you want to have the most lucrative and successful career, it seems you must fit into the mold and you must give up undertakings which are ‘frivolous’ in comparison and not progressing you in that direction. As technology is increasing and people are getting smarter, the pressure is on to devote everything to your one area of expertise to compete with the best of the best in your field.

Some of the claims above include attributes that help people to be successful in their jobs, but they don’t need to creep into all areas of life. It is a lie that the definitions above pertain to each person in each category. And separately, it is a lie that we can’t pursue all the things that matter to us while still being devoted to our careers. I absolutely refuse to believe these lies because I want it all. I will continue to deepen healthy relationships, I will continue to exercise 6-7 days a week, I will eat healthy and whole food, I will pick up new hobbies, I will write this blog to get back in touch with my creativity, I will be a fun and free-spirited person when I want, I will be structured when I want, I will take risks. I will do this all as I crush a demanding and rewarding career. 


Obviously you cannot be directly devoting time to all the things which matter to you 24/7, but you can come up with an approach that works for you. You will see throughout my future posts that my approach to life is all about prioritization. If you want to have it all, you must decide how to commit to each part of your life. I am low maintenance on many things so that I have the time to commit to the things that really matter to me.

Note: I can't promise every post will be a motivational rant. Rather, I hope the exposure of my life will be a testament to other young career women that you can have it "all" and "all" is different to every person.

Shirt  |  Jeans  |  Purse  |  Shoes  |  Hat – similar  |  Bracelet

Notes on this outfit

This is the kind of outfit you can get away with on the West Coast, where weather allows you to casually saunter between the end of Indian Summer and the beginning of the Winter holiday season.  That said, a lot of it is on serious sale, especially between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Enjoy!

Photography by Briana Gardener